Sitting Around in a Hospital

gallbladder-007.jpgI woke up Sunday night and my girlfriend was out in the other room sobbing. I figured she just had a bad dream, and tried to doze back off. When she didn’t come back to bed, I got up and checked on her, and she was having severe abdominal pain. We’d had a massive lunch, and a late dinner, so we assumed that something just wasn’t sitting right in her stomach, either bad gas (which can be extremely painful), or mild food poisoning. My stomach was a bit queasy too, so when she threw up later in the morning, again I just thought she had gotten a virus or something. She continued to throw up throughout the next day, and the severe pain in her stomach did not go away. When it got to the afternoon, I began to realize that it could be something else, so we packed up and went to the E.R.

They performed blood and urine tests and an ultrasound, and sure enough, there on the ultrasound screen were found some gallstones in her gall bladder. So she was checked into the hospital (after 5 hours of sitting in the E.R. room) and put on an I.V. and given some potent painkillers, and I spent the night in a weird half-reclining chair that made my butt sweat. This is the first time I’ve ever really been in a hospital ward, other than for a brief time when my roommate in college got in a motorcycle accident. The nurse brought me some breakfast on a tray this morning, and I can now say that I have eaten hospital food, and that it is indeed pretty bland. But I was hungry, so I ate all of it. And it was free.

She’s getting surgery this afternoon, and we’re just waiting around until then. She’s dozing off in a narcotic induced daze, her I.V. machine purring intermittently by her bedside. The surgery is supposedly pretty routine, so it’s not too scary, but all the same, I am a little frightened by general anesthesia. The local hospital we are at isn’t exactly world renowned either. We’ve heard of people who work here that say they would never get surgery themselves here. Great.

Anyway, wish us luck. And here’s to hoping that the bill doesn’t completely dash all possibility of a journey to Colombia this winter. . .


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

7 thoughts on “Sitting Around in a Hospital”

  1. Thanks Sandra. She just got out of surgery an hour ago, and she’s already cracking jokes, and is fairly alert. The Doc said something about her gallbladder being in pretty bad shape, so it’s a good thing it got removed.
    I’m just glad the whole thing happened while we still have health insurance!

  2. after now realizing i can leave messgages on here, and i know you never check your work email. I was wondering if you have ever read it is an online magazine, you should check it out, i think you should send some of you articles/blogs into them.

  3. Hey Mr. Gatt, I do check my work email dude, now that I’ve finally been given a computer to use. But feel free to comment at will here as well of course. I admit that I prioritize this blog before work anyway . . .
    Don’t you have to subscribe to I dunno, I’ll go check it out. . .

  4. i have sent yo a bunch of emails on your work address without reply!!!! anyway no you dont have to subscribe, i read it everyday at work. They have a very liberal stance and i really like their articles, check out the life section aswell, very interesting. there is a section where you can submit your own articles. Am going to Rock the Bells tomorrow, cant wait……..Wu-Tang, Public Enemy, The Roots, Nas, Mos Def, Talib etc yahhhhhh

  5. That’s weird .. . the emails must be going to the spam folder, I’ll have to check it. I wish I was going to that concert. Make sure to check out Hiero and Eligh for me. . .

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