What is this blog?

Drinking Chicha de Jora in Qosqo

I use this forum in an attempt to voice what is within and establish a deeper relation with the world in which I live.

To write is to explore inner dimensions as well as to discuss the everyday. It is, therefore, to unite two universes—the unseen and the seen, the unsaid and the spoken, the internal and the external. A blog is both completely personal and yet exposed potentially to the whole world. I write on this blog to project myself into infinity.



15 thoughts on “What is this blog?”

  1. Hi!! I like that you liked Iquitos, I think you caught the essence what other people does not find when they go there. When you go to the amazon you have to go with open mind because whatever you experience in there nothing will compare or come near it. did I mentioned I am from there?

  2. You sound like such an old soul. You look terribly young to be able to tap into the core of your “self.” I am utterly amazed at your writing and the connection it brings to me; after just a taste of a couple of entries, I find myself starving for more. But the response time of your blog is terribly slow… maybe it’s on my end… it’s leaving me frustrated that I can’t fly through the posts and devour every beautiful word. I have a feeling that stumbling upon this work of art is going to be a life-changing experience for me, encouraging me to dig deep into my self for the parts that are too afraid to show themselves.

    Thank you so much for sharing yourself in this lovely way; I look forward to reading the rest of your pearls.

  3. Interesting concept…”to unite two universes—the unseen and the seen, the unsaid and the spoken, the internal and the external.”

    Very unique articles…I shall return

  4. Interesting blog …i’m still searching/wandering about in it.
    Do you mind if i link to some of the entries here?

  5. Hi Bubbler

    I would like to add a topic to your blog ‘physical excellence.’ Do you know that we as human beings are capable of anything? The only thing that stops us from excelling in all areas of our life is conditioning. If we were to awaken to the true power within we would be able to create all our dreams come true without fear or shame or doubt. How do we do this? Our soul is here to learn, not from itself in a student teacher relationship but as a master of its own creations. Our minds are freely available to expand whenever our soul is ready to reconnect itself to the truth of all beings, we are one. What one is capable of then the other is too. Example: i sat and watched/absorbed what i call soul food, an opera on tele the overnight. The next day i sang perfectly as an operatic singer, the sound i had never produced before as i was by my own admission tone deaf. Tonight i have watched the circus and absorbed the excellence of the body as flexible and incredible in its movements. I am looking forward to furthering my own skills tomorrow. But it doesn’t end there. I’m not here just for me i am here to bring about a new truth that will enlighten and inspire many for years to come. As a woman i am a pioneer in what the human mind is capable of when the heart has opened to the flow of unconditional love and joined with the body in unity. A body that is created purely of love is capable of many many things. I share these truths and new discoveries of my own with you as i feel the time is right to make myself known. I have been in hiding for a long time trying out my truths to ensure they are feasible and from my heart not my ego. They are i am living proof of them working. I have written many a book on different levels of awareness of the human mind but the gift is far better than the wrapping. My destiny is to put an end to all suffering. The only way this can really happen is when we fully accept ourselves in the flesh as the creator and creation of our own reality then we are capable of performing miracles as christ did but in keeping with what is needed today. Through my own awakening i have the gift of second sight, a body of love that awakens instantaneous healing in others just by touch or presence alone and my onw expansion allows me the ability to communicate to anyone regardless of their own level of self awareness that always empowers and expands them. I have no judgement or need to compete left in me i only come in total peace to build a new reality for all creation where suffering no longer exists

    Thank you for the space to breathe, a fine wine is always better when it has had time to breathe.

    Love Julie-Ann

  6. I’ve been enjoying your posts, found you from searching the Masanobu Fukuoka farming methods. We use it in our tea garden. If you know of any other farms using it, I’d love to hear about them!


  7. Dear bubbler:

    My name is Leora Trub and I am a student in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). I am conducting a study of the reasons that people blog and what benefits it brings, which at this point are still largely unexplored in research studies. I am therefore reaching out to you as a blogger who can help deepen our understanding of this phenomenon. I believe that your voice is an important one to be heard and hope you will enjoy participating in the study. I have developed an online questionnaire that asks about specific aspects of blogging as well as asking about feelings about yourself and others in your life. The survey is a mix of numerical scales and opportunities to reflect in an open-ended format about the role of blogging in your life, and how it has changed over time.

    You are eligible to participate if you are at least 21 years of age and have been maintaining an English-language personal blog for at least six months that you update or visit at least twice a week (on average). Your participation involves completing a confidential online questionnaire. The data will be downloaded onto a secure server to which only I have access. No identifying information, such as your names or address, will be collected. If you desire, you may choose not to share your blog name, in which case I will not access your blog for any reason after this point. If you do share your blog name, it will NOT be connected to your responses in the survey. Additionally, you will be given the opportunity to be identified by a code name in research reports and to have your blog description changed slightly so it cannot be identified.

    The survey takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and participation is completely voluntary. Three participants who complete the survey will be randomly selected by a lottery to receive a $75 cash prize.

    There are no foreseeable risks to participation in the study. Although some of the questions are personal in nature, participation in the study provides an opportunity to think about the role that your blog plays in your life.

    If you have any questions about this research, you can contact me at (732) 407-7928 or ltrub@gc.cuny.edu, or my advisors Dr. Arietta Slade at (212) 650-5658 or arietta.slade@gmail.com and Dr. Tracey Revenson at (212) 817-8709 or trevenson@gc.cuny.edu.

    The study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board of the Graduate School of the City University of New York and meets of their guidelines as well as all state and federal guidelines for research with human participants. If you have any concerns about the project at any time, you can contact Ms. Kay Powell, Institutional Review Board at the Graduate School of the City University of New York (212) 817-7525 or kpowell@gc.cuny.edu.

    In order to participate in this study, I need to send you an invitation through survey monkey. If you are interested, please send an email to ltrub@gc.cuny.edu from the email address to which you would like the invitation sent. I hope that you will decide to participate and also that you will share it with others if you decide you would like to. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


    Leora Trub, M.A.
    Doctoral student in Clinical Psychology
    Graduate School of the City University of New York
    365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016-4309

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