The Federalist Papers

Here is a roundup of my posts on The Federalist Papers:

  1. A Review and an Introduction
  2. #10: The Role of Faction
  3. #10 (cont): A Democracy vs. A Republic
  4. Direct Democracy and the Rule of the Mob
  5. #15: Government and Human Nature
  6. #21: Hamilton and Taxation
  7. #22: Majority vs. Minority Rule, B.S. vs. Passion
  8. #23: What Modern Writers Mean When They Say, “Keep It Simple,” Dude
  9. #25: Hamilton on the Militia and the Limits of Legislation
  10. Negative and Positive Freedom (not directly about the Papers, but related in topic)
  11. A Hamilton Quote from #31 on the Requisite Power for a Functional Government

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