Placards of Place-time

cow1 chews placidly its cud and turns to cow2 and says
the sun, the blue sky clear, my haunches thick and sinewy and warm
cow2 chews for a while, batting its tail around. cow3 ventures closer to them.
jasmine, the color of spring. my nose wet. this field green.
the cows chew together, the breeze sifting through the grass.

lickety split the congo boom bapped into the room cavernous and sharp-edged. kraft lit a cigarette and waved it around in the air like a baton whilst downing a jaggermeister fresh cold from the tap. henrietta wiggled her mane around behind her back like a snaketail and tapped her heels, one-a-two against the rung on her stool crossed. some folks got real funky and shook their stuff around on the floor in front of the stage. i got the feeling that this was beyond me, that this was beyond all of us. i smiled at a woman sitting pretty in the mirror at the other end of the bar. all of a sudden my day at work didn’t matter. everything fell away from me. i slapped kraft on the shoulder and we drank together. alright man, i said to him, alright.

the dolphin stroked its body into the air and flopped back into the water, making a splash. it chortled with glee and nudged its companion.
get this, i heard from ceetpeoeo who supposedly heard it from a gull that the humans capture us and gather around in rings to watch us do that.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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