Anew Hoy

Tuesday was the last day of the NYC school year. So closes my seventh year as a teacher, and with it, my final day in the classroom (for the foreseeable future).

That unobtained position I wrote about earlier that had so gripped my psyche (that it nearly rendered 2015 pallid in memory) has now come to fruition after a year’s delay. It is with both eagerness, and some trepidation, that I step into this new chapter in my career. Eager, because I am ready to undertake a new challenge, and trepidation, because I’m entering an entirely new realm of bureaucracy and politics I’m unsure yet how to navigate.

It was difficult to say goodbye to students and teachers yesterday. There were a few moments when even this unfeeling creature nearly choked up a bit. I will miss my school very much. I know how fortunate I was to be able to work there. My coteachers are remarkable people and I enjoyed learning from and working with them. I formed a close professional bond with my 8th grade coteacher, Richard, who is truly one of NYC’s best English teachers. In fact, I nominated him last year for the Big Apple Award, and he was a finalist (I think it was bullshit he didn’t win it). I learned what masterful, engaging teaching can be from being in the classroom with him each day.

So yes, I’m damn well going to miss my school.

In other news, I have been practicing playing tabla daily since January, and taking a class every Thursday. I’ve brought an old REI backpack I hadn’t used since California into commission as my tabla subway carrier. 

Learning tabla was just what the doctor ordered–it helped me pull through the grim vestiges of winter and rediscover the joy and discipline in learning something new. My greatest sorrow is that I waited so damn long to get started.

My teacher flatters me that I’m learning more quickly than most other students he’s had–but I imagine he tells that to all his newbies to encourage us to continue. I take a group class, which started with only me and one older Japanese gentleman, but is now expanding to include brand spanking new students, which helps me to feel even better about myself since I’m now 6 months up on them.

Shit, has it really been 6 months?!


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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