Just a Personal Update for Update’s Sake

As you can tell, I don’t have mucho tiempo to post much anymore–what with my  graduate courses now hitting paper crunch time, and it being state testing pressure cooker time for my students, and IEPs overdue, on top of all the other usual business like life and stress and everything else–writing is a bit of a luxury. I was just thinking tonight, as a matter of fact, of how much I miss some of the simple pleasures that once imbued me with a sense of personal fulfillment, such as running, playing djembe, creative writing, hiking, and hanging out and having great conversations while imbibing fine liquor with friends. I really miss having friends in my immediate vicinity. Whine. Sniff. Alright, enough already.

But all has not been hell. I had a relaxing spring break, during which I discovered a hidden academic nerd inside of me that I hadn’t ever really tapped into before. I got into writing a literature review on self-control for one of my classes, and spent most of the spring break working on it. But I also got myself out the door and running again, which felt great. It’s amazing how even after a really long time of not running, it all comes right back to me fairly effortlessly. I came out of spring break feeling refreshed, and I’ve barely lost my cool in the classroom so far. Which is probably just because some of my most challenging of  students have been absent or suspended.

I’ve discovered a couple of interesting things about myself lately. 1) I require sunlight and warmth in order to have an abundance of positive energy and the will to exercise; and 2) my metacognitive capabilities actually function best first thing in the morning. Point number 1 makes me pretty definite that I will never be able to live anywhere for an extended period of time that doesn’t have at least 85% days of sunlight a year. Which makes me think I need to try living in New Mexico next. I keep fantasizing about Santa Fe, for some reason. Terra cotta colors, dappled cactus sunlight, dry green chile desert heat. Point number 2 takes me by surprise because I’ve never exactly considered myself a morning person. But I’ve been writing all my lesson plans at 5 in the morning before school, and it’s been working pretty well, so during spring break I made sure to start working on my paper in the morning. So this summer, when I get some space of free time, I’m going to try doing my writing while sippin’ on a cup of joe and sittin’ in my skivvies.

In any case, I’ve almost made it through my first year. It’s premature to start celebrating, but I’m close enough to the homestretch to know that I’m going to make it. It’s going to be a long next couple of months, but I’ve adapted enough mechanisms of survival to punch through it.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

2 thoughts on “Just a Personal Update for Update’s Sake”

  1. I can’t believe you’re managing so much at once. I applaud you! I’m barely making it with teaching and grad school at the same time this semester and I’ve been supposedly practicing for this for 6 years. [I’m actually the lecturer this time, not a TA] Two more weeks and I’m free is all I keep telling myself. Hang in there! You’re doing amazingly! = ) Hugs to you and Jamie!

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