Poor Claudia

Vincent and Claudia
Vincent and Claudia

I’m a little stressed out right now. I was just sitting down to write my daily (nightly) post and I had put the birds to bed, when I heard my parakeet, Claudia, fluttering frantically about in her cage. This isn’t too unusual for her, as she is a very spastic kind of bird and will frequently fall from her perch randomly and flap around. When I pulled up the cover to check on her, though, I saw that she seemed to be caught on a new toy we had just put into her cage. She had got caught like a fish on a hook somehow on the attachment, and it looked like she had her beak caught. So I had to grab her and then pull her off. The poor thing had got the underside of her beak caught, and I really hope that the damage isn’t serious. She’s bleeding, but she seems to be otherwise OK. All I can do right now is put her back to bed and hope that she can recover while resting and that the wound will heal. I’m canceling a Zipcar outing up the Hudson Valley tomorrow so that I can be around. Which maybe sounds weird considering that she’s a tiny little bird, but in the absence of children, she’s one of my babies. Poor Claudia! She’s a sweet, very active and vocal little bird. When she is out of the cage with Vincent, my Amazon parrot, she grooms him and they feed each other. She also likes to groom me and peck at my lips. When she is in her cage, she jumps around playing with all of her toys, especially the one with the little mirror with the bell on it. She sings practically all day long and mimics sounds very well–much better, ironically, than my parrot.

In other less maudlin news, I’ve been interviewing like crazy all this week, so I should find out soon where I’ll end up teaching. Which is good, considering the school year starts in another week. Today after an interview I went over to a music store and jammed on a hand carved djembe with one of the employees on drum kit and made a friend. It made me excited to start playing again. As he was reminding me, this city is full of people playing hand drums, so I really don’t have any excuse for not getting my chops back up. Time to start looking around for people to jam with. Time to start looking around for people, period. I’ve been in New York over a year now and have barely gone out. But then again, once the school year starts, I’ll be swamped anyway. Here’s to keeping busy. And to getting a paycheck.

And give a prayer for little Claudia, I just checked on her and  she’s not looking so hot.


Author: manderson

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5 thoughts on “Poor Claudia”

    1. if she seems okay, she’ll be back to her usual self again soon! even birds have moods i guess, for all you know, she’s happy the way she is right now! twit-twit!:)

  1. It definitely ain’t a mood, more like a puncture wound. But she’s healing, and as long as she’s eating and grooming herself, I think she’s gonna be OK. She didn’t sleep as well as she could have, but she’s been resting today and I’m trying to disinfect her wound with hydrogen peroxide as best I can. Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. ooooppps! sorry, a puncture wound, right! She’s gonna heal well i’m sure, especially when she have someone like u help her heal! lucky bird!!!! she’ll be flapping her wings soon!

  3. Yes, she’s doing just fine, she’s back to her crazy little parakeet self, singing away, playing with her toys, bossing the parrot around, pooping right and left. Thanks for the well wishes!

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