Bit of Tid

Well, I’m extremely glad to get out of dodge and escape the heated humidity of NYC to hang out, temporarily, in the ‘Bay Area.’ I’m going to attend the wedding of a dear friend and frequent reader of this blog, and I’m excited to do a reading (of mine own!) at the wedding. Congrats & best wishes in advance, Matt and Susan!

If only I had more time to spend out there, but duty–in the form of a job search–calls me back to my east coast abode all too soon. But even a few days back in Cali is nice.

Did you notice that my blog has it’s own little icon now? Yeah. Pretty cool, huh? Bet you wish your blog had an icon.

It’s too damn hot in this apartment to write anything more of substance nor detail. I’m going to go cleanse myself in the cool Catskills water that oh so gently trickles out of the faucet in my shower. So that I can go thence and sweat some more into mine pillow and catcheth some Zs, before I’ve got to wake up again at 3 in la madruga to catch the shuttle to the port of air. And onwards, thence. Pigs in space.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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