Dusting Myself Off

Now that I am done with intensive training, and I have some free time before the start of the school year (whereupon I will lose any semblance of having a personal life–but I’m used to that now), I want to regain some of my health and personal focus. I’m hoping that by sharing some of my goals with you, I might actually make some of them happen. Here is a list of some of the ways I will seek to better myself in the next month:

1) Begin running again. I haven’t run since last September, and I miss it. My ass has lost its once herculean mold and decomposed into jelly. I’ve gotten lazy and I’m tired all the time. Which is either because I’m dying or because I stopped running.

2) Switch back to yerba maté as my caffeine source, instead of coffee. My fiancee broke my last maté gourd, and I refused to order what should be a $3 gourd on-line. So I tried to find a gourd in NYC, which given that this is the freakin’ melting pot o’ the nation, I figured wouldn’t be so hard. But unless I’m senile, I didn’t find no gourds on the Isla de Manhattan. I could find the loose tea, sure, no problem. My local Inwoodian C-Town has big bags of it, which makes me very happy. But no gourds. Now, I am aware that there are more concentrated Uruguayan/Argentinean populations in Queens, and I did in fact stop off the 7 one day after work in an attempt to find a gourd, based on some Yelp info I had read. But for whatever reason, I was unable to locate the store I was looking for, and I ended up giving up that day. So after months and months of straight French pressed Bustelo, I have finally given in and paid the exorbitant fees to order a new gourd on-line. I need a sustained caffeine kick, not that high and low shit that coffee seems to be all about. I like the taste, alright, but I don’t like the fact that it stains my damn teeth, neither. Maté, at long last, I am comin’ back to you.

3) Attempt to include more fruits and vegetables in my diet. I think I often borderline on scurvy. I’m going to start snackin’ on apples and oranges instead of raw slabs of beef. Not that I snacked on raw slabs of beef. But you get the drift.

4) Read fiction books again. For a while there, I’d been on a non-fiction book kick. Which is great. I learned a lot of stuff. Then I began my summer training, which included a fair amount of reading on things like classroom management, differentiation, disabilities, etc. So after that, I’ve needed some time off from reading anything. But then after a conversation on books the other day, I realized that I hadn’t read a fiction book in a really long time. And that I wouldn’t have to learn anything from it if I didn’t want to. So I went to my local library and picked out a bunch of books just from the A – B section, and I’m enjoying getting back into it. It’s like rediscovering my first love. Me and reading, we go way back. Curled up, the patter of the rain on the windowsills, the forward falling impulse of the narrative and a world outside whose demand has lessened, if only for a spell.

5) Get myself organized. Review all the material that I’ve been learning over the last 6 weeks, put together the stuff I will want to use, throw out what I won’t. Pull out all the stuff from the front closet, get rid of stuff, put it back in and organize it. Clean the floors of the apartment. Cut my hair.

6) Kill the cockroaches. They’ve infested our apartment in the last few weeks, and it’s gotten out of hand. Every time we walk in the kitchen at night, there are millions of them, scattering across the floor, swarming over the sink. Well, not quite millions. Just a few. But enough to feel disgusted. I’ve won the war against the mice, and I plan on winning against the roaches, too. I mixed together some borax and brown sugar today and scattered it around behind things, and I’ll see if that old school remedy is enough to do the deed. If not, I’ll move on to the more conventional weaponry.

7) Get a job. The hiring freeze for special education has been lifted, so it’s time to get myself placed. These next weeks will consist of resume sending and cover letter writing. Oh, joy. It reminds me a little too much of last summer. But at least this time around, I’ve got a little more solid direction to run in.

8 ) Explore outside of the city. I signed up for Zipcar a while ago and still haven’t gotten around to actually using one. I want to go up the Hudson Valley, see the non-city greenery, get a sense of my east coast environs. I’ve seen enough of the subways. I need to see more of the aboveground scene. I also need to plan a wedding, ostensibly. Which if it is to actually happen, would require a site in order to perform the ceremony. So a site must be located. Things must be planned.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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