Lost Over Here (&, furthermore, Celestial Hip-Hop)

Hello! Mr Manderson foolishly gave me the keys to his kingdom, as a guest blogger, with the suggestion to try writing a bit more inwardly (in his blog’s style), as a release from the narrative distance I maintain over at my public arts blog (www.itwaslost.org). Now, I don’t live in New York City, where the angsty gray-clad individuals, unable to communicate with their fellow citizen, fester inward thoughts worth blogging about. If you look into the soul of a Berkeley resident like myself, it looks like one of those early Disney Cartoons with smiling trees bobbing back & forth to the music.

However, I just came up to my parents’ house on Lake Tahoe (where I first met Mr Manderson), & after a splurge of creativity, had some thoughts about the creative process I thought might be relevant over here.

Wow, WordPress is super slow on this computer I’m using, I wonder why.

First thought. Motion revitalizes the creative spirit & pushes us in new directions. I was not exactly having writers block in Berkeley, but I have been living in the same place for a long time, & artistically was beginning to feel a bit tepid. I had been writing hymns, & just by taking a train ride home, I changed course 270 degrees & mapped out an entire hip-hop EP – a genre I previously had no interest or push to explore. Moral: if you’re stuck, hit the road.

Palinode to that thought. It’s important to have roots, & altho ramblers can constantly rejuice their spirits, there’s a link between nomadism & fraudulence (think Dylan’s famous phrase “no direction home”, he’s affected roots. I’m not saying it isn’t beautiful, but where do you go home?) I relate all this to how I have no business in the genre of hip-hop.

Second thought. There’s something in a Tom Stoppard play (Indian Ink may be) about how when a multicultural couple was living in England, they decorated their house with all of their Indian flavors; but when they lived in India, they found themselves taking high tea & putting up pictures of England, &c. Not just nostalgia, but how we can focus & be inspired by a place we live or we have lived in, better when we’re in the other place. For instance, I was only able to rap about the East Bay when I was traveling by train up to Tahoe.

These may seem like simple thoughts, but there they are. Meanwhile, while I’m here, I’ll advertise the test-runs of my EP, The Celestial Hierarchy, with beats by Gold Diamonds. Warning, if you’re offended by bawdy ironic sexism, sacreligion, or Medieval Christianity, you might want to skip out on this project. The first five tracks are up & there’s a few more coming. Here!


3 thoughts on “Lost Over Here (&, furthermore, Celestial Hip-Hop)”

  1. This look interesting,so far.
    If there’s anyone else here, let me know.
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.

    See ya,

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