The pull of wool

I’m so tired I can feel my eyeballs sucking back into my skull. I was just about to tottle off to bed, finally, when I remembered that damn post-a-day business I’d somehow thought would be a good idea. So here ’tis. My post for today. Let’s see, what’s my big thought? I was thinking today about how it is mostly counter-productive to be immersed in rebellion and opposition to systems and bureacracies. The most productive thing is to be actively involved in addressing problems by deliberately inventing solutions. Otherwise, you’ll just end up bitching about everything, which just ends up making everything worse. But on the other side of the coin, I recognize that it’s easy to lose one’s perspective about what is really important in life, which is what is right in front of you. And to relate yourself honestly and with integrity to other people based on their immediate need, which you can only really determine most accurately through intuition. If you lose that intuition sense, that empathy, that honest relation to other people, then you’ve just lost your integrity to the pull of an overarching system. That’s it for now. See you tomorrow.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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