My Pad part iii

It is all about forming your own space of quiet and ease where you can sip upon your vino and partake of your mental detanglification whilst listening to Maxwell’s BLACKsummers’night. Chocolate consisting of at the very least 70% cacao should of course be consumed. What I’m talking about, as you may or may not have surmised, depending on what you know of the different histrionic episodes of my past, is Pumpkins and Monkeys part III. In a whole new part of the continent, with a whole new vibe and width and depth of being. Minus, unfortunately, a semi-constant influx of friends and neighbors. All that I’ve got right now is some birds and an occasional breeze. So what this means is that a) I need to make more friends in this friggin’ city; and b) y’all need to come out here and visit.

I just haven’t been in much of a position since moving out here to really get to know much of anyone, including meself. I did try to get involved in various groups, volunteer stuff, and whatnot when I first landed, but nothing of substance came from it, though I did get some pretty interesting crisis counseling training. Then after I finally got a job, it was, of course, out in the middle of another borough and it was retail, so I simply did not have any semblance of a life. It was simply work and transit. I got to befriend my co-workers somewhat, but there really wasn’t much chance for meaningful chatter there, plus I just lived too damn far away. So now I’ve gots my teaching fellow crew, and hopefully some connections will be developed therein.

I guess I’m also just simply a person who takes time to get to know, and within a certain context. I come off as perty unanimated and quiet right off the bat. It takes a little bit of chillin’ to get to know me better. I like to dance, drink, and be a social butterfly, but most of the time I’m content squirreled away in my little hole, perched up here on the 5th floor corner, listening to the street sounds filtering through the buildinged trees. That’s my best context for understanding: some smooth music, some liquor, and some conversatin’.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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