Tower of Babble

I wanted to just add one more thing about MJ, which I have realized is mostly absent from all the media speak: everyone is talking about the man, the myth, and the legend, but do you remember the arcade game, Moonwalker?? That shit was awesome! I remember some joyful time spent making Michael pull out his special dance moves to vanquish foes at the local Family Fun Center. I’m just saying.

This week has been tough. I had thought that after my last gig, schlepping over to Queens with 2 trains and a long walk through the winter cold at 3 in the morning with 4-6 hours of sleep under my belt to work long physically demanding hours, that doing coursework and working with kids would be pretty damn easy. It’s certainly not as demanding in many ways, and I get to see my fiancee other than when one of us is asleep, but I’m finding that the mental and emotional focus that I’m trying to maintain can be just as draining at the end of the day. I’m someone who is not accustomed to being challenged by classwork. But the thing is, this isn’t just a crackpipe full of academic bullshit: this is theory that we are learning to apply directly to reality. We are thinking critically about our experiences and analyzing every single thing that we go through, whether that is the job search, the school training, the coursework, or the interactions with our professional peers. I guess what I’m really saying is that I’m just not accustomed to really applying myself to thinking about things all day long. I generally think in short, dynamic bursts. Then I do a bunch of physical stuff and daydream. Then I sit back and relax with some vino.

So I’m tired. I’m beat. But I’m enjoying the challenges. I’m also learning about my own methods of learning. I never was an ideal student. I’ve always hated being lectured to and being stuck in a classroom. I used to like to think that it was because I am such a genius, but it’s only due, unfortunately, to the fact that I am mostly a kinesthetic learner. I like to learn things by doing things. Which is how I’ve achieved most of my real learning as an adult: at work and through life experiences and talking to different people.

Anyhoo. This is my daily babble. Here’s wishing a Happy Birthday to my baby momma!


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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