Posting Flotsam

I think the lesson that I’ve taken from this whole hoopla over Michael Jackson’s death is that even if you’re a perverted recluse, as long as you’ve done something cool in the past and been famous for it, then you will still be deified upon your death. Like Elvis or Brando. Can’t do nothing wrong.

This post a day thing has been fine, but tonight it’s freaking killing me. I just extenuated my brain trying to make a lesson plan for PEMDAS, you know, the order of operations for mathematical expressions. So right now I just want to go to bed and lose myself in oblivion. But I’ve got to keep up with the discipline, you know. I can’t give up now.

There have been little victories each day that I am doing my field training at a summer school site. I have some challenging kids in one of my classes, but I’m learning how to approach their behavior problems. I’m learning to pick my battles and deflect negativity. You really do have to focus constantly on positive reinforcement and building rapport with students; nothing else will work. Integrity, empathy, and positivity.

Ok, so this post was totally weak and I would like to say something profound and relevant to all that lives and is and will be, but I can barely iterate a complete sentence right now. But if there’s one thing you learn quickly in the teaching profession, as terrible as today may have been, tomorrow is another day, another opportunity to get things right, to work on the little victories, the little steps forward, the little shafts of light that shine suddenly from out of nowhere. Until then.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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