National Blog Posting Month blog posting

Couple of things. I’ve been fairly reticent about posting regularly here ‘pon this blog, and I need a little spot of discipline to get back into that creative groove. So in an effort to make my ass post more frecuentamente, I joined NaBloPoMo, for which it is requisite to post every single damn day. I’ve generally avoided such haste in posting, b/c then my posts end up being trivial, superficial gleanings of my every day existence. But hey, that’s what the hyperactive fleeting browsing of visual data over a world wide network is all about anyway, right? So stay tuned for frequent updates here of mundanity, terse abstraction, and snippets of my teacher-in-training lifestyle.

While you’re here, scroll all the way down to the bottom o’ the page and click on my SocialVibe badge. It’s free, and you could potentially help prevent kids from obtaining malaria, or something. It’s easier and more effective than giving the guy on the subway your change because you feel guilty and ashamed that you wear clean socks most of the time and don’t have the gout, scurvy, or genetically handed down mental disorders. I just want to see a number other than ZERO on the damn badge. Let me know if it don’t work.

Also, go pop over to this summery blog, Summer Conversations, which is essentially a compendium of different folks sharing random stuff about themselves, and on which I will be posting infrequently as well.

Enjoy your 4th. I’m going over the New Jersey to eat some extended family cooked food and hang out near a pool, which I will not enter because chlorinated water turns my hair green. ‘Til tomorrow!


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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