Tax, Not Cut

Why is it that whenever a recession occurs (as it inevitably must), a state or municipality suddenly begins proposing to cut the programs that are most needed by those who have the least? These are always programs of health care to the poor or elderly, education to children, and other programs of welfare or of not immediately quantifiable benefit such as arts or music. Why is it that politicians are such cowards that they can’t propose the most logical form of meeting budgetary needs: increased taxes on those who have the most? Why is this so untenable to Americans? Is it simply because they know that the people least likely to complain or raise a fuss are those who don’t have anything to begin with?

Let me repeat: those politicians unable to raise the spectre of taxation are cowards. Funding to programs that are essential to people should not be subject to economic whim. Education should never have its funding cut. Never. Health care programs and preventative care programs and family planning programs should never have funding cut. Never. Welfare programs should never have funding cut. People rely on that welfare and need it for day-to-day existence.

Tax the rich and distribute that money equitably in order to continue funding for essential services and programs. Why is that such an unrealistic objective to achieve?

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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