New Year’s: Cultivate What We Can’t Have

¡Feliz año nuevo! Hope this turnabout of the calendar system finds you celebratory and hopeful in turn. My new year’s eve has been about as quiet and boring as you could possibly imagine, but that’s alright with me. I’m not really into the whole horde of drunken people out in the street thing. I just don’t relish getting into fights and vomiting, silly me. Plus, it’s fucking freezing out there tonight. Yes, you heard that alliteration correctly: Fucking Freezing, folks. This So Cal lad is aching for some boring seasonless San Diego weather right about now. But at the same time, it’s kind of cool/weird to get to wear a girly scarf everyday.

Let’s see, I just don’t have a whole lot of rhetoric left in me this particular New Year’s. I generally have some kind of speech to make to commemorate the yearly paradigm shift. Let me see if I can dredge up anything from out the depths of exhaustion:

As time passes and we age into our bodies, becoming increasingly aware of both our power and our limitations, we learn that learning never stops. We branch out and develop in complex synergistic dances of exploration, multi-faceted twistings to catch the light. Maturity is about adaptability and empathetic capability, not about knowledge. Development is an everyday occurence. Stasis denotes the foreshadowing of death/rebirth. Because if you are not developing/learning/being challenged, then you know something is stagnant about your situation. We all want to hide, ride out the storm, wake up in some perfect world where everything has been solved and straightened out for us. But there is no mythical god mama to wipe our collective asses. Everything’s gonna be alright; but not because a switch gets hit and some divine wind sweeps on through: everything’s gonna be alright, because we’re going to struggle, and we’re going to work, organize, and develop.

Humanity is disgusting and beautiful. Every sword cuts two ways. It is a matter of how the tool/weapon is wielded. Enough with the cryptic shit: beauty comes quietly out of despair. There is no such thing as easy beauty. There is that which glitters and reflects the light, and there is that which is assigned arbitrary value, and then there is that which is beyond classification, a substance that ebbs from the unseen, invaluable to us all. We must cultivate only what we cannot hold.

Happy new year.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

5 thoughts on “New Year’s: Cultivate What We Can’t Have”

  1. Don’t worry, I wasn’t referring to that scarf, specifically; just scarves in a general sense, as pieces of excess fabric that are wrapped about ones neck. Just kind of girly to a west coast lad whom has never worn such devices before.

  2. Yes, some folks do wear scarves in California, it may be true; however, it must be pointed out that Californians wear scarves primarily as a fashion statement. New Yorkers wear scarves primarily as a matter of necessity.

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