Keep your chin up

Hold on, keep your chin up, tackle directly the cutting challenge of each day, even when it burrows right down to the nerve ends of your prior endurance. You must remember those who struggle even harder than you do to make frayed ends meet; those for whom the bottom of the barrel is a constant everyday certitude, not merely a threat. Those single mothers holding down three jobs to stow away their pennies for some distant day for possibly ungrateful children. Those commuters logging in their hours on intransigent trains, patiently enduring the odors of the worser off in their unchanged socks and shoes.

It could be worse. It could be even harder. You could be in some unknown distant land, wielding body armor and a semi-automatic weapon in the name of something you define by pop/country music. You could be slogging through the bloodied remains of a tropical disease. You could be without shelter, without food, without love, without hope.

Bear this in mind, remember those who struggle, everyday, everyday, as a part of everyday existence. The drunken fools, spending their little bit of money in the night in the effort to buy something impermanent, they can’t touch you, they can’t know you. Endure, endure. Hold on. Keep your chin up.

If life is indeed a competition, then the prize goes to those who understand fundamentally that the greatest of rewards already lies within.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

4 thoughts on “Keep your chin up”

  1. Nice writing there…… although it is tough to endure when you know the pain is going to be lifelong and persistent.

  2. Indeed. But the only option in such a situation—wherein the situation cannot be changed—is to solidify your capability to step inside of yourself and strengthen your endurance. Eventually, what once seemed impossible becomes mundane. The capacity of the human heart to adapt to suffering is neverending.

  3. Kudos on that reply ….. very insightful and practical! I had kind of started on that path of increasing my endurance but your comment reaffairs my resolve to go down that path with more gusto and confidence.

  4. Gusto and confidence is all your own. The only thing I can provide is encouragement and reinforcement of what you already know. Continue down the path; you know what to do.

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