Flashes of Random Stuff That Constitutes My Current Existence

Some random New York City thoughts:

  • It struck me the other day as I was journeying by morning bus through Queens of how a mere year ago I was in Lake Tahoe, California, where the skyline is drawn by cragged piney mountains, and as I looked over towards downtown Manhattan, where the skyscrapers loomed in the dawning sun into the bracing air, I realized that this mancrafted landscape holds its own mute beauty, distant and unintelligible, yet comforting and beloved all the same. I experienced a fleeting moment of affection for the city. It’s like it’s so unnatural that it’s natural.
  • When I’m sitting on the subway train and I don’t have a book to read, as I stare unfocused out the darkened window I think of how cool it would be if the windows of the cars had some kind of screensaver type backlighting, so that as you were traveling through tunnels, you could look at a background of fish swimming around or something. Just something to stare at mindlessly so you don’t have to play that I’m-not-really-staring-at-you-but-I-kinda-am game.
  • It’s true: Californians really don’t know diddlysquat about what cold is. It gets friggin’ cold out here. When that wind blows—forget about it: suddenly all that ski-bum wear that got you by on the West Coast feels like tissue paper. It requires fur, wool, dense thickets of nylon, scarves, and a phat cap. Yet you will still see pretty young thin things wearing puny little cute jackets over their skin tight jeans. Other than for their Ugg boots, it’s a mystery to me as to how they keep themselves warm. Perhaps they’re harnessed with alpaca thongs?
  • The economy really is bad. We’ve got people applying for jobs at our store from Wall Street who were investment bankers for 13 years, etc. Well, thank god for the service industry, eh? Makes me all the more resigned to the fact that I’ll continue to be overworked and sleep deprived for the next year on, at least. Oh, joy.
  • The subway ain’t the ideal venue to study mathematics in.
  • The subway in the night during winter is full to the brim with homeless people who have nowhere else to go to sleep and get out of the cold. And it can get just a tad stinky. I think that the city would be much better off if its public representatives were forced to ride the subway in the middle of the night. Might give them a whole new perspective on things.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

One thought on “Flashes of Random Stuff That Constitutes My Current Existence”

  1. Must I be ‘that kinda woman’ and complain that you, for a moment, actually created the thought of pretty, young, thin things wearing alpaca thongs? Totally not allowed. And very, very itchy.

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