Accidents and Appropriations

Last night after work my supervisor was giving me and another guy a lift to the train station and a girl in a fancy car with no brain decided to turn directly in front of us. We hit the side of her car and then went head on into the car behind her. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, though the two cars that didn’t cause the accident are pretty much wrecked. I just bruised up my knees a bit on the seat in front of me and my back and neck hurt a bit. I went to the hospital to make sure I was OK, and didn’t get home til 5 this morning. The good news is, that means I have today off!

I consider it highly ironic that I have moved out to NYC partially in order to avoid having to even be in cars any longer, and here I get into a car for just the stretch of a few blocks and get into an accident.

Another Day in a Death Star Trench
Another Day in a Death Star Trench

In other news, I’ve finally realized what it is that I’m always reminded of when I go downtown and traverse its imposing/exhilirating canyon streets: the Death Star. There could totally be Tie fighters and X-Wings zooming through downtown Manhattan. Just an observation.

It’s fall now, and I am falling in love with the city more because of this. I could barely stand the sweat dripping humidity of the summer, but now that the air is crisp and the light diminishing, I am enjoying being here more. I love that feeling of waning, the way the orange light falls at an angle on a cool street in Queens, the way everyone is suddenly looking the way one envisions a New Yorker looking, with their nice coats and cold weather wardrobes and hoodies. I am someone not accustomed to much of an autumn, being from California, and it’s a distinct feeling in the air that I cherish. I’m just waiting for the trees to start exploding for the Wow factor really to kick in.

I obtained a Not For Tourists mini-booklet for the city, which should come in handy: it’s got little maplets of every neighborhood, with stores, bars, and restaurants listed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a certain section of town for some specific purpose, and then wish I had known what else was around to know what else to do. Not being a local, I’ve had no other option but to hop back on the train and go back to my little out of the way ‘hood. Now I’ve got my little handy info-book in my arsenal to combat my lack of intrinsic native knowledge.

My woman and I attended a new Van Gogh exhibit at the MoMA—which thanks to her inside connections we got VIPed right in—and I really enjoyed seeing some of his most famous paintings up close and in person. You can feel what makes him so visually captivating as an artist, the way he establishes an intuitive rhythm, like a musical etching, with his brushstrokes. Both her and I especially liked his Starry Night Over the Rhone, even a bit more than the more famous Starry Night—something about the deepness and tranquility of its thick blue hues—it almost looked good enough to eat, like icing on a cake. What I especially like about Van Gogh, I realized from this exhibit, was that he combines observation with intuition.


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