Jobless Funk

Time passes, and I have been in a sort of funk, due to the ever lengthening term of my unemployment. I have been shooting for the stars, so to speak, in terms of what I’ve been applying for, as apparently transitioning from a housekeeping manager into the non-profit sector isn’t exactly a logical step.

I am at this point resigning myself to remaining a service industry worker, which I am not fundamentally opposed to. I am not someone who likes sitting in an office anyway. I like to be constantly busy, on my feet, and physically active most of the day. But my hope had been that I would be able to get into a field somewhat related to public policy, as my future goal is to become more involved on a policy level of influence.

I know everyone is talking about how bad the economy is and how the job market is terrible and this and that. But it still sucks. I had been keeping myself afloat in momentum for a while through volunteer work and free cultural events, but after a while the frictive forces of frustration have begun to eat away at me.

So I have to again put some of my immediate aspirations on hold, and simply now seek the employment that will at least pay the bills in the interim. While working in the service industry, I can study (once again—I’d put it on hiatus during the job searching) for the GRE and work towards graduate school for public policy, after which point at least I’ll have a master’s degree to show my commitment to that field.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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