Setting Anew Course

I have been looking back over some of my more recent posts lately and realized three things: 1) my writing and/or subject matter has grown increasingly dull; 2) my audience has grown increasingly silent and/or fled cyberspatially elsewhere (I still get a healthy amount of hits each day, but a large percentage of that is now from searches on guns, of all things); 3) I’ve been preaching in a generalist fashion a good bit more than is healthy. (By the way, there’s always something edifying about making impromptu numbered lists. It somehow seems automatically intentional and organized.)

So I hereby propose a conscious effort to steer this here ship back to some semblance of worth. I will write either more strictly on subjects that I can speak with more authority about—meaning myself and my mundane existence—or else only speak more broadly about those subjects that appear to be of some interest to the general public such as love, death, mental masturbation, and the other fundamentals of existence.

I do use the palette of this blog to “try out” ideas and thought tangets, as it were, so essentially what I’m acknowledging right now is that some of these forays and tangential excursions as of late have fallen far short of the goal of being worth your fleeting perusal. So, dear invisible reader, oh you IP addressed hit in the dark, I will henceforth write less for fickle me, and more to tickle you. If at all possible. Tally ho!

–Your neighborhood Blog Writer

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

2 thoughts on “Setting Anew Course”

  1. Thanks James. I’ve been enjoying reading your adventures with babas in Bulgaria, by the way. My mother-in-law and her parents are Bulgarian. Not that that means anything, but it makes me feel some kind of connection to the place, aside from enjoying the rakia.

    Also, I dug your Crime and Punishment translation insights. I am now going to have to re-read my version and see how it handled the formal and informal ‘you’. Which I’m OK with, since it’s one of my favorite books.

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