It becomes apparent, as we face new challenges in life, that we are much stronger together than the insecurities of our past selves could tear apart. There are plenty of chances, daily, for demons to climb out of the hidden fear within us and jump out into the air over nothing to take a chunk out of each other’s hearts. Because when you are afraid, you hurt the one closest to you. Because when you are insecure, you hurt the one who is most able to see through your self-created fortifications.

But I am not afraid of being with you. I am not insecure enough to ruin what I have right next to me. You are the quiet tide that keeps me balanced, the ebb and flow of constant nurture that helps me grow. In our many differences, we have created something between us wholly new. I can’t wait to build another nest with you.

The foundation for our future has already been set, and we are carrying out the hard work of manifesting our dreams. The blueprint lies between us, unspoken but knowing, hidden but clear. Just as a bird weighs each fragmented piece of the world in its beak, instinctively knowing what will work neatly as the next brick in the lining of its nest, so we find each piece of our home to be scattered before us, patiently achieving the outline of what will come.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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