Renewed Life in NYC

Bonsai Still Life

So, it’s been 3 weeks so far, and perhaps you’ve been wondering: how the Big Apple is treating the Manderson, how he is adapting, surviving, handling the new environs and cityscape and compressed energized lifestyle after 5 years living tucked away at over 6,000 ft near Lake Tahoe? The answer, dearest concerned citizens, is that I am thriving here thus far and cherishing the potentialities of my new abode.

When I talk to many New Yorkers about my present life-shift, they express astonishment that I would desire to come to a big, dirty metropolis after living in a pristine, mountainous, evergreen town. But au contraire, I reply, twizzling the oil through the tip of my imaginary mustache, living semi-hermit style in the boondocks has in fact made me all the more ready and willing to be subjected to the major city lifestyle. I love the diversity. I love that when I look across the subway tracks, every single person I see there is completely different from me, and one another. I love that there is so much life jutting up against itself, pressuring everything upwards. I love that there is so much music, so much nightlife, so many potential networks lurking in every block, with groups, non-profits, organizations, meetings, showings, plays, movies, bars, all waiting to be tapped into with the simple output of a little effort. Living in a place with little culture, little nightlife, little community has made me all the more appreciative of just how many things there are to do here.

I have been keeping somewhat busy, I sold coconut oil and coconut-oil based soaps at an environmental expo last weekend, and learned how to become a salesman in addition to a sales team manager (by the way, did you know about the many health benefits of unrefined coconut oil? Seriously, look into it). I’ve been looking into doing some volunteer work. I’ve gone to a permaculture group meeting. I’m going to venture into a comedy club this weekend, and today, I attended my first full-time job interview, which included, surprisingly, lunch. I have now heard a bit of very positive feedback on my resume, so after a period of concern, nail-biting, and despair, I am finally feeling validated. All of that work and effort WILL pay off. I WILL be able to move out of my girlfriend’s parent’s apartment eventually and not have to sleep on an air mattress in their living room anymore! Yes, it will happen. Eventually. With time. And money.

Coupled with these events is the sudden and explosive onset of spring. The giant park across the street suddenly has green things sprouting everywhere, flowers are blooming, and sometimes the sun even shows his face for a whole day or two.

So the answer is: Manderson is enjoying NYC very much. He has grown much in his Tahoe time as a sort-of-wilderness man, and now is adapting well to his new evolution as refurbished urbanite. And he can’t wait to take his drums, nargile, and other assorted STUFF that he can’t even remember all of anymore out of long-term storage and arrange lovingly, once again, into an apartment home. Until then, over out outside in.



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I live in NYC.

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