It’s springtime in New York City. I’ve been enjoying the fruits of being in a major metropolis, even if I don’t got no money. This city has got plenty of free or cheap shit to do. Hell, for a lad such as I, whom has been hiding away in the mountains for the last 5 years, just walking around the city–anywhere around here–is a complete trip. I love it. Yesterday I went down to midtown and saw a guy playing a kitchen sink and some other assorted detritus on a street corner, and he was amazing. I wanted to take my djembes and doumbek out of storage and jam with him. A couple days ago I went to a Takahashi Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art–intriguing shit. His artwork is anime/manga on mushrooms, infused with a healthy dose of capitalism. An example of two of his statues: 1) a cartoon woman with gigantic breasts squeezing milk out of her huge nipples, which forms a jump rope which she is gaily swinging over her head; 2) a cartoon man with a hard-on triumphantly jizzing a spiraling jet of magic sperm into the air like it was his special move in Dragon Ball Z. Another interesting facet of the exhibit: a collaboration with ritzy hand-bag maker Louis Vuitton, a bunch of kind of ugly handbags sold at exorbitant prices in the middle of the museum. At first as you walk through the exhibit, you think the whole thing is a joke. By the end, however, you begin to take Murakami seriously—while still enjoying his take on Japanese pop art immensely. It’s disturbing, bizarre, hilarious, and just plain . . . what the fuck?!

Appropriate to the Japanese theme of that day, I then went over to the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn after viewing the Murakami, and then did some flower viewing. Right now the cherry blossoms are exploding into the warming spring days like pink and white pearls of swollen libido. Here’s some pictures of said seductively blooming flowers. Enjoy!


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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