Synopsis of Day 1

Giant Windmill

The parrot did not like being in a car—he was freaking out pretty bad for the first couple of hours, and we were extremely concerned that we had made a bad decision. Thankfully, he calmed down after a while, and he only got riled up again whenever we went over a bump in the road, which unfortunately was pretty often. We also learned that in order to eat, we have to stop the truck so he feels stable again—then he runs over to his food dish and starts cracking open the seeds. So apparently this trip will be a little slower then planned, so that we can take frequent rest stops for the traumatized parrot. C’mon, lil guy, you can make it! By the end of the trip, he’ll be a veteran of the bumps and sways of the road.

So here I am in Phoenix, Sun City, an interesting mix of a retirement community, Disneyland, and Jesus Camp. I’m going to hit the hay now at 8:30; this old man is beat.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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