Personal Update

Here’s a lil update on the personal status: after a lot of thought, questioning, anguish, hope, defeat, and bickering, it’s been decided that New York City is the place where I will live for the foreseeable future. It fulfills a few of my major requirements in a place to live: good public transportation; cultural diversity; amazing music and nightlife; and proximity to a body of water—though it happens to be a completely different ocean than I am accustomed to. It doesn’t have quite the climate or proximity to mountains and forests that would constitute my ideal locale, but it fulfills a much more important need: that of keeping my girlfriend happy. I myself am simply happy to have finally narrowed down the boundless potentiality of the future to one option, so that the quest for the Holy Job can be concentrated.

So now that that has been decided, and now that I pretty much know what I want to do with my life for the next 2 or 3 years (grad school for public policy, after some time spent in the field interning or whatnot), it’s simply a matter of selling off the majority of these damn guns my grandfather acquired and then packing up a truck with all my shit which is still sitting forlornly boxed up in the closet, ready to go. Time passes quickly in this slumbering state of limbo here in San Diego.

When you think of San Diego, you probably think of sunny beaches, scantily clad and scantily brained women in Pacific Beach, and similarly dim witted men in suits in the Gaslamp District. What you might want to include in that fairly accurate picture is also the absolutely horrendous state of the streets everywhere: potholes, dips, cracks, fissures, fractures, whole chunks of tar completely gone. And we’re not talking about like the city has been surreptitiously allowing the streets in run-down areas go to shit; we’re talking some of the richest areas, in the residential neighborhoods of multi-million dollar properties. I’ve never seen streets this consistently bad, not even in Colombia. It should be embarrassing to a city to allow all their streets to publicly fester and decay. But apparently it’s not a big deal to anyone here. They just buy bigger SUVs.

So I will be happy to leave. Happy to be moving on to something big enough to possibly squelch me underneath its giant shoe like a bug.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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