Democratic Race Still On

So the race between Hillary and Obama is still on! Though I am mostly in the Obama camp myself, I respect Hillary’s intelligence and political polish, and I’m excited to see both of them competing and reflecting the political paradigm shift of the times. Both of them share the same fundamental positions—with minor differences—on policy, and both would enact much needed critical change in Washington (taking politics back to somewhere in the center, as opposed to the far, extreme, distant and cold right). Like most of my generation, I am excited simply by the fact that politics is suddenly exciting. I’ve been frustrated by apathy and withdrawal by progressive and independent voters in the past, and it’s nice to finally see some of them getting off their high horse (i.e. lazyboy sofa) to cast some votes, make some calls, sign some petitions, and get involved. That’s the only way we can get some real democracy going in this quasi-democratic nation. We’ve got to use whatever limited tools we’ve got to make whatever degree of change possible.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

2 thoughts on “Democratic Race Still On”

  1. Politicians this year have echoed call of the American people for substantial change in the way that politics is working in Washington and around the nation. The fact that “the system is broken” is widely accepted. But no new President can change much as long as corruption prevails. Bribery of public officials and the corruption of public office must be stopped.

    Do not for a moment believe those who say “but bribery is already illegal.” In fact, it has been institutionalized by the way that political campaigns are funded and conducted “under prevailing law.” Real change can only come if the power is returned to the people, rescued from the hands of special interests motivated by greed rather than the public good.

    Here is a Constitutional Amendment to prohibit bribery and the sale of public office– one that can make politics an honorable profession. Today honest Politicians who fight the system know they will be out-campaigned by others who are better financed by special interests and will lose office.

    But, how can we get such an amendment passed under the prevailing system? It would seem impossible — but it is not.

    We suggest that you forward this amendment to ALL of your elected officials (national, state, and local) and ask them to support it. If they do not respond, or if they try to argue that prevailing law is enough, refuse to vote for them — ever! Vote only for candidates who are pledged to support this idea. Remember that Constitutional Amendments must pass the proper number of State legislatures as well.

    If you have not been voting due to disgust with the system, register now! Register as “independent” if you wish, but put good government before political affiliation.

    TEXT: Constitutional Amendment against Bribery

    1) Bribery of any public official of the United States or of any of the several States shall constitute a felony. The solicitation or receipt of bribery by such persons shall constitute a felony and is a high crime against this Constitution. This amendment shall not be construed to lessen the seriousness of any crime covered by existing legislation.

    2) The public offence of bribery includes the offering or giving of payment in any shape or form that it may be a motive in the performance of official functions for which the proper motive is a conscientious sense of duty as accepted by such public official by his or her Oath or Affirmation to support this Constitution.

    3) The same laws against bribery that currently affect appointed officials in each jurisdiction, shall also affect elected officials and judges. Bribery may not be disguised in the form of gifts to family members or associates, campaign contributions, or commitments for future employment.

    4) Public office involving policy-making functions or policy implementation, may not be bought or sold. This applies to governmental positions of the United States and of the several States. The buying or selling of such a public office shall constitute a felony under this Constitution. Persons seeking elective office shall not spend in such pursuit of election a sum of personal funds that is more than half of the salary to be earned while in that office; to do so shall constitute an effort to buy public office.

    5) Honest government, being necessary to the security of a free State, elected public officials shall be paid salaries that are independently adjudged to be commensurate with their responsibilities.

    6) The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.


    For reference purposes , this amendment is cited as the “gilroyinitiative”

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