Keep the Presidential Campaigns Intelligent

Now that Obama has gained so much momentum, he’s entered into the crossfire of the Republican juggernaut media force, which means barely veiled racial slurs, fabricated insinuations of wrongdoing in the past, etc. We all know just how powerful these smear tactics are, as we’ve witnessed the ugly and expensive campaigns against Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as whosoever has dared get in the way of Dick Cheney.

Barack Obama represents a fundamental shift of political concern in the populace: people are quite clearly stating that they are fed up with corporate thieves running our economy, public administration, and public opinion. Politics as usual is not what is going to win this presidential campaign, unless all the voters that have been currently mobilized get sick and tired of the whole scene again and retreat back into apathy—if that occurred, it would be thanks to the media dragging the debate through the mud.

I think that we need to fight back against the media even carrying smear stories, which gives credence to their insinuations simply by entering the national discourse. There is obviously a certain segment of the American population which will gleefully take up the refrain, “Barack Obama is a terrorist.” But they should be obtaining that song not from major news sources; let’s leave that shit up to Rush Limbaugh and all the other big-mouths of bigotry and small-mindedness. Write or call into your paper or news station and let them know that you don’t want to see that kind of crap in this presidential campaign. Let’s hear what the candidates are saying about their political and economic positions, not about an outfit they wore as an act of diplomacy, or about their middle name. Let McCain question Barack Obama’s stance on foreign policy, not his ethnic or racial background. Let Barack Obama question McCain’s economic policy, not his personal sexual trysts.

Let’s keep this debate on the level of adults, not small-minded children. Let’s talk about issues that actually matter.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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