Barack Obama and “Experience”

I’ve noticed that the main “concern” voiced by other politicians and mimicked by the media in regards to Barack Obama’s candidacy is that he may lack “experience.” I find this negative appraisal a bit preposterous. In case no one has noticed, the current President is a no-good silver-spoon son who found god on the back of a dollar bill, and who has absolutely no credentials for being President other than that his daddy has a lot of connections. So now tell me, if a politician such as Barack Obama, who has integrity, who is well-spoken, intelligent, and inspirational, exactly how does this politician lack “experience” for President of the United States? Is that just a really polite and convoluted method of questioning whether he’s got the right connections?


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

2 thoughts on “Barack Obama and “Experience””

  1. I agree. Apparently the only qualification he doesn’t have in terms of current Presidential tradition is as an overpayed executive of a company with questionable accounting practices. Damn, how is he supposed to run the country if he hasn’t skeezed a whole bunch of money and made off with it?

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