The Last Days in Bogotá

 Wall in La Candelaria

I don’t really have much to post on about my current activities in Bogotá, as I haven’t been doing much other than eating, attempting to sleep, and drinking hot beverages and imbibing pasteles, but I wanted to post a few pictures. About the most exciting thing in our day is when our neighbor comes back to the hostal at 5:30 in the morning, obviously drunk and probably high, stumbles about his room, falling into the walls, slamming things, shuffling through plastic bags, and then turns on the most obnoxious possible techno music ever made on some tiny, tinny little speakers (which is then left playing throughout the rest of the day), stumbles into the bathroom, which is shared by our entire floor and which we are lucky enough to be located directly next to, and then commences to hurl chunks into the sink and the floor, whereupon he stumbles back into his room, slamming all the doors along the way and leaving the hall light on, and then summarily pukes into his trashcan. We can also hear him talking to himself. He’s obviously an example of what one would politely term a “douche-bag.” I’ve bestowed him also with the nickname of “Techno mouse” because we always hear him scrambling through his plastic bags in the wee hours of the morning, endlessly, as if he’s looking for some stray crumbs somewhere in the dregs (this is what convinces me that he’s on some drugs as well), while blasting his retarded techno, of which we mostly just hear the endless pulse of the 4/4 beat.

Bogotá does have some nice art museums, which we’ve been attending. The Museo Botero is a good one—there’s some world famous paintings in there from artists such as Picasso, Chagall, Monet, Matisse, etc, as well as, of course, a hardy selection of gordos from Mr. Botero. Another good museum is the Museo Nacional, which has some lame colonial crap, but also some great ancient pottery, as well as some nice contemporary Colombian paintings. There’s some Botero in there, as well, but some of his older works, before he’d formulated his infamous fat stylistics, and I actually like those better.


Another place we’ve attended that I would recommend visiting is the Jardin Botánico, which I was a little hesitant to visit after the experience in Medellín, but luckily, these gardens are world-class. The most noteworthy sections are the excellent rose gardens, as well as the tropical greenhouses.

Just 2 more days and then we outtie.


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