Back in Bogotá

I’m back in Bogotá after what will be the last harrowing 10 hour bus ride of my life in Colombia. I’m actually happy to be back in this city, even though when I’d left it at the beginning of this trip I know I said I wasn’t enamoured with it. The difference is that now I’m accustomed to Colombia, and out of all the places we’ve been, Bogotá is the most diverse and modern. There’s great food everywhere and cafés that are even open most of the time. I’m using the internet right now after 7 o’clock! I feel comfortable walking around my ‘hood at night without being constantly accosted for money by people missing limbs and courtesy, or having to look at half-naked transvestites.

I’m aware that the tone of my posts as of late have been decidedly negative, and I wanted to temper it all somewhat by acknowledging that I am aware that Colombia is a country coming out of the mists of terrorism, violence, constant warfare, and just now fully sweeping into the global commerce of industrialism. Thus, it is not constructive to simply look at this country and its people through the critical lens of my own country’s position, or to judge too closely, especially when considering that my own country’s government has had some part in fucking some things up down here.

More on all that later, I need to go have some coffee and dessert to unwind. I’ve got 10 more days here to bumble about and drink hot chocolate and fresh fruit juices, so more enlightening posts on Colombia in general, as well as on my own personal inner developments, as if you cared, will be forthcoming with all the extra free time. Chau chau.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

4 thoughts on “Back in Bogotá”

  1. The power of positive thinking!!!

    Enjoy your trip while you’re there!!! Soon you’ll be back in the US wishing you had relaxed and focused on the good stuff while you were on vacation.

  2. Not to worry, I’m enjoying myself. I just tend to point out irritating aspects of the trip while posting, perhaps because it’s just more fun to be sarcastic sometimes. I had thought that I would be losing weight here in Colombia, as I had in Perú (although that was simply to due to the constant diarrhea), but in fact I’ve been gaining a little belly from all the pasteles, chocolates, and sitting around on my ass!

  3. Looks like I may have missed the exhibit, but I’ve certainly haven’t needed a museum to witness some laziness here: Colombians take every dang day off that they can. So far we’ve run into Christmas eve, Christmas, New Year’s eve, New Year’s, 3 King’s Day, all Sundays, the mondays AFTER a holiday (such as today). . . Basically, it seems like everytime we’re wandering around looking for a place to eat, everything is closed.

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