Mildew and Shoes

One of the pleasant carry-overs of our Cartagena experience is that absolutely everything we own now reeks of mildew. Our room in Cartagena was saturated with mildew, but we kind of got used to it during our time there, and didn’t realize how bad it was until we got to Medellín to discover, to our everlasting joy, that all our clothes and bags smell like our stinky old room. So I obtained a little bottle of apple cider vinegar this afternoon to wipe out our bags with, and all my clothes are now in the wash. Thanks, Cartagena!

Another thing I realized this afternoon was that I’d left my dancing shoes under the bed in Cartagena. Man, the maid for our room must be stoked. Not only did she get my Footprint book and my dad’s old poncho, items which I had deliberately left behind (the book was outdated and I wasn’t using it much anymore, and the poncho served me well in the jungle but now was just a plastic-y smelling burden that only cost 2 bucks in the first place), but also my 7 year old dancing shoes which I had just had polished in Plaza Bolivar in the old city. And a tip! Hopefully her husband will enjoy the shoes. They have served me well these past 7 years. You know, it’s funny because I was noticing just how much more room my bag seemed to have while I was packing it to leave, and I thought it was all just cuz of the book. Silly me. I’m debating right now whether to invest in some new dancing shoes here in Colombia, or to just sandal it, if and when I go out, the rest of my time here and enjoy the extra space in mi equipaje. We’ll see.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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