calle en Cartagena

Cartagena is pretty much what we’ve been looking for this whole trip: good pasteles everywhere, an abundance of fried goodness, juices (supposedly; I’m still looking for them, I know they’re here), nice cafés and restaurants, small colorful colonial streets that you could wander aimlessly in all day if you can stand the heat. Unfortunately, we can’t eat anything much because our stomachs are still caught in the vise-grip talons of our stomach dragons. The good news is, they have these great little bakeries scattered about that vend fresh pan de queso, which as it’s name implies, consists of bread melted with cheese, some of them with some mermelada de maracuyá spread inside as well. So at least we can munch on those while waiting to recover, and drink chocolate caliente. We are in full vacation relax mode now, with my main objectives in the next week simply being to find a good juice stall, a good café for chillaxing in, and once able to eat, a nice cheap restaurant. That’s all that’s on the agenda, really, besides celebrating Christmas Caribbean style.



Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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