Books and pictures

Scroll down to some of the earlier posts and check out some of the photos I just finally got posted!


As you can see from this picture, I made a slight miscalculation in the size and quantity of books that I lugged along for the trip. I know, The Life Divine probably wasn’t the best pick for light travel reading material. But my thinking on that one was “how else and at what other time will I actually slug through this damn book?” And I have been reading it much more in Santa Marta, now that the only thing to do during the heat of the day is to find a shady nook near the Juan Valdez café. The Spanish-English Dictionary, well, yes, I could’ve brought a smaller one. The Footprint South American Handbook I am going to leave behind, as it is from 2005. And my Spanish books, sadly, have been largely neglected, and my Spanish speaking ability seems to decline each day that I am here.


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One thought on “Books and pictures”

  1. I would also like this post to be in memoriam of our little black clock that was purchased back in Bogotá. Little black clock, I first felt guilty when you came into our lives because Mark insisted that the gentle old man had ripped us off even though we paid no more than 5 American Dollars. But suddenly there you were telling us the time and waking us up when we needed you to. We loved to wind your little gold hands. You travelled all around Colombia with us. Now you are most likely living on the nightstand of a little boy whose mother happens to be a chambermaid for the fourth floor of the Casa Familiar Hostel in Santa Marta. I know she found you but she didn’t turn you in. I’m sorry. Live happily little clock.

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