TruchaCalle Real from the hillside 

On  the 27th, we went to Salento, which is a little town located up in the mountains an half an hour or so from Armenia, which doesn’t really have much to observe except for its stairs with the 14 stations of the cross alongside up to a viewpoint of the valle de cocora. Apparently, the point is to empathize with Christ carrying a cross by comparing it to the burning in your calves as you plod directly upwards. Other than that, the only other requisite thing to do there is to eat some freshly prepared trucha (trout), which we obligingly did as well. It was quite tasty, with pink flesh. A little gato mewed pleadingly underneath our table as we devoured it.

We had meant to journey from there to the Valle de Cocora to see the palmas aceras (giant wax palms that grow in the cloud forest), but unfortunately did not realize that you could only catch jeeps to get there at 8:30, 11:30, and 4:30 throughout the day, and we had just missed the 11:30 jeep. Oh well.

My Spanish has been getting a little bit better, as my cousin speaks English even worse than I can speak Spanish, so I am forced to attempt to conversate with him as much as possible in Spanish. I seem to speak better the more relaxed that I am. Poco a poco.


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