Fincas y el Futuro

Un TintoPlatano TreePlatano Harvest 

Yesterday I accompanied my cousin out to another finca to observe the harvesting of platanos, as well as the general operations of organic platano growing in Colombia. They actually cut down the platano tree in order to cut off the platanos, and another tree grows alongside of it in it’s stead, while the former tree is hacked apart and placed around the new tree as a mulch, along with compost. My cousin would lift up the pieces of former tree and show me all of the little bugs and various critters living underneath. You can tell immediately whether the platano farm is organic or not because the ground between the platano trees is completely covered with greenery at an organic farm, while a non-organic farm has only dirt in-between.

While at the finca, I drank three tintos (small cup of black coffee) and was wired, as even though I’ve begun drinking my daily cup or two of café con leche, I still am not accustomed to strong coffee. Literally shaking. We went to my cousin’s aunt’s apartment in Armenia for lunch and I was a little embarrassed by the trembling of the fork in my fingers.

Today I was shown the composting operations at my cousin’s farm, but mainly I just sat around most of the day until I finally had a cup of coffee. Apparently I have now joined the worldwide league of coffee addicts.

Tomorrow, we plan to go to Cali for the weekend (not a cien porciento sure yet)—the capital of salsa. I am hoping to venture into a salsateca and see whether I’ve still got some swerve in these gringo hips of mine. We’ll see.

After that, we are planning on heading straight up to Santa Marta en la costa Caribe on one of my cousin’s trucks delivering oranges. Yes, so we shall see first-hand whether riding with oranges will be crazier or more tranquil than riding on a bus. It may be that oranges are more valued than people, so it may be a smooth ride. Stay tuned for more pictures (they will come!).

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

2 thoughts on “Fincas y el Futuro”

  1. Hey Mark,

    Colombia sounds wonderful. Your stories remind me of being in the fincas in Nicaragua. Funny about the coffee thing. I just switched back to tea even though I love coffee. I ran out of the Nicaraguan coffee that I bought down there. I can’t wait to see more pictures. Keep the posts coming, we can all live vicariously through you on these winter days.

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