Another day in Bogotá

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I have to say, the café here in Colombia is indeed quite tasty. I’m not a coffee drinker at heart, I’m really more of a tea drinker. But I’ve decided that drinking coffee is one of those things that I’ve got to succumb to whilst here, in the same way that I pretend that driving 50 mph in the thick of dense city traffic without seat-belts is my normal mode-of-existence. So even as a normally non-coffee drinker, having a black cup of joe here is unlike any other coffee drinking experience I’ve had before (which is of course not many, however). I can drink it straight and it barely even tastes bitter at all. It’s really quite tasty, and I think I can get into the pleasant habit of a cup in the morning and a cup after a large lunch to aid in the digestive processes.

Today we had two adventures with my parents: 1) we went to Monserrate, a spot located on top of an overlooking mountaintop above the city, which you get to either by hiking up 3,000 feet and killing yourself, or by taking the teleférico—a cable car. The views, such as can be seen on the top photo from my last post, were very nice, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to see it again with a sunset, hopefully by hiking up to it (fat chance, says my girlfriend), and 2) we actually got to stumble lost and confused through the city streets all afternoon, looking for the Museo del Oro, which was doubly confusing because the exhibit had moved to another museum due to construction. By the end of the few hours it took to straighten out where the hell we were and where the hell this museum was, we had finally understood how streets are labeled, which is fairly logical once you grasp it. At first, however, you feel like you are in a directionless maze, getting pointed in one direction by one local and then another by the next, all speaking such rapid Spanish that you just nod your head as if you understand and then walk away vaguely towards where their finger pointed. There are no street signs, of course, and we learned to read the street numbers on storefronts.

It was good to get out in the streets and feel a little more comfortable meandering about and getting a sense of understanding formed from chaos. More shiznizzle to come soon—my girlfriend has got to pee and my hour is almost up. Hasta luego.


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