Today: Pack all our shit, clean up the house as much as possible. Amtrak to Los Angeles. Dinner with sister and nephew.

Tomorrow: Stumble around in the sun most of the day in LA. Lunch with friend. Dinner with another friend. Fly out of LAX at 1 in the morning. Arrive in Bogota at 1:30 in the afternoon. Stay with parents, who are on their way out after attending my cousin’s wedding, for 3 nights. Next 2 nights stay in hostal in La Candelaria. Meet up with cousin and his new wife, drive to Armenia.

And then . . . wide open unknown

Do I sound stressed? I might be a little stressed. Only an hour more and then it’s go time, we’re on the road and on the move from here on out. All my bags are packed. I’m waiting for this stupid laptop battery to drain down to 40%, which is supposedly the ideal amount of juice to leave lithium ion batteries at for storage.

Next post from me I will most likely be in Colombia, unless I get really bored in LA and find a computer to scribble on. Tally ho!

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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