Moving on into it

Well, we did it; I’m in San Diego in one piece and all of our shit is out of the U-haul and packed away (mostly) somewheres in the closets of my parents’ abode. I perhaps shed some years off my life due to the stress of selling off my goods—including my first Subaru—packing, cleaning, and then driving for 9 hours and getting stuck in gridlock traffic and having to pee really bad. It’s done though, for now, and we can relax somewhat for the next 2 weeks whilst readying ourselves for Colombia by halfheartedly browsing through our Spanish books.

I have to say, that U-haul truck really hauled. The V-8 engine propeled us along at rocket speeds over mountainous passes as we swung around other lesser vehicles in our path. It was surprisingly aerodynamic as well (as claimed on the side of the truck), and just purred right along at 75-80 on the 395.

So we are now officially jobless, homeless, and ready for adventure. Since I’ve got little to do, perhaps you’ll see some more posts here from me, as I tend to be much more prolific blogging-wise when I’m bored. Til then.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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