Reclaiming Christianity

Some watered down, politicized form of Christianity has swept across the nation, and it’s about time that real Christians began reclaiming it from the fundamentalist conservative “Evangelicals” who are tainting its name.

There is a basic and fundamental insecurity behind the so-called faith of these Christians, these hypocrites who dare to label themselves as believers without any attempt at understanding the bible for themselves, or any real faith in god. The only way that such people can pretend that they are good Christians is by surrounding themselves with other people who will pretend along with them. It’s a big collective fantasy, wrought with hysteria and fanaticism. They have created some idea of Christianity, filled with politicized propaganda and half-baked idealogies, that has little to do with any teachings to be found in the bible, and even less to do with any practical application of thought. These people are shallow, and dangerously susceptible to pointing fingers at anyone who might threaten their fragile illusions.

It’s pretty easy to tell a real Christian from these fake ones. When you discuss theology, God, etc with any real Christian, they are open to having their beliefs challenged, because they seek to find a way to deeper communicate these beliefs. They have a faith and deep-seated seeking for spirituality that will not be unsettled by such discussion, and they have an ability to articulate what they believe. When you talk to a fake Christian, they will not tolerate any challenges. They will either be attempting to “convert” you to their way of thinking, or they will simply not want to talk to you at all, except to label you as an enemy and shut their hearts and minds to you. This is because they do not truly know what they believe, because they have been told by their “group” what kind of beliefs they should hold, and have not gained these beliefs through their own seeking.

There is a reason that Church and State have been separated in the United States, and it’s a good one. But Republicans and the Christian Coalition, with their onslaught of Evangelical cheerleaders, have been attempting to render this separation null, claiming that the United States is a “Christian” nation. It is irrelevant what religion the majority of the people of the United States adheres to. Religion and politics are a dangerous and volatile mix, and the only reason that Republicans and any one else might attempt to harness it is for the simple, greedy cause of increased and absolute power. These power hungry “Christians”, voiced so loudly and crassly through firebrands and hypocrites such as Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Ted Haggard, have colonized the name and image of Christianity in the United States, and tainted it, bitterly, with blood, bigotry, and money.

When you watch the news in the United States, all you see in the world are the latest doings of Islamic extremists, and the media has built up this distorted image of Islam as defined by terrorists and fringe groups. Similarly, you can imagine how the rest of the world must be viewing the United States and its brand of Christianity. It has become defined by bullies, blasphemers, and intolerant unilateralism. Is this really what Christianity is about? Money, power, and absolute greed? Absolute intolerance? Of course not. And it’s about time that real Christians began speaking up for themselves, instead of allowing their faith to be dominated and distorted by political propaganda and a militant small-mindedness.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

2 thoughts on “Reclaiming Christianity”

  1. Thank you so much for this. I live smack dab in the Bible Belt and I am so tired of being told that I will go to hell for wearing pants or listening to music and watching non-Christian TV. I think, if God looks at the heart, does he really care what I’m wearing, or how long my hair is? And if my faith is so shaky that I can’t read a book that challenges my thought, or listen to music that is not Christian, then do I REALLY have faith? Isn’t it more about how I live my life, and if I reflect the character of God to other people? I don’t know. I don’t care about their screwed up theology, I care about people… black people, white people, gay people, Islamic people, Hindu people, ect.

  2. You’re darn tootin’! And I think what we really need to reclaim from such bigots is not just religion, but in fact the very idea of RIGHTEOUSNESS. A righteousness not based on superficiality, superiority, and hate, but rather a righteousness based on love, compassion, and acceptance.

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