First snowfall of the season last night, awoken to the feeling in the air of tension released. Things are shifting, systems transforming, not only in the macrocosm, but in the microcosm of my world as well. I am looking forward soon (but a month!) to a time of rest and relaxation, to spending time with my family and running alongside the ocean with the sun on my skin. And then onwards thenceforth into Colombia, to salsa and aguardiente and coffee, into the adventure that is another society, another perception of the universe, another mentality. And beyond. . .into the unknown, a place wherein I may find the future. A place that I can make my own, that will mold me into the new form that I am to take.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

4 thoughts on “Seasons”

  1. Are gona make it down here before you leave for Columbia?? Also what are you planning on doing with all your fabulous cd’s??

  2. I’m know you would. . .but as I will probably be moving as soon as I get back, I will require them to be within immediate proximity. Furthermore, I will need them for listening while in SD. . .

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