In Portland

I’m currently in the city of Portland, which doesn’t necessarily translate into the Land of Port, although perhaps it could, as there are a surprising number of wine shops around here, and a just as surprisingly small number of liquor shops. At least in the area I’m in.
The last time I was in Port-land—for a day—it was springtime and sunny and flowers were a-bloomin and all that kind of jazz, so it appeared the vision of an idyllic city of cleanliness and orderly environmental goodness. But now that I’m here again, of course, I’m seeing it for what it typically is: overcast, hazy, drizzly, dark. Which isn’t really that bad, except when you’re from southern California and have never lived anywhere where it’s gray or rainy for more than a day, and even then everyone starts getting crabby and rear-ending each other on the freeway.
Portland often comes up as a possible place to inhabit in my near and uncertain future, because it fits very well some stipulations which I have for wherever I’m going to move to next, post-Colombia. And that is: an adequate public transportation infrastructure, bike friendliness, good live music scene, and a reasonable proximity to bodies of water and masses of trees.
But I just don’t know about this whole lack of sunlight thing. I think I would have to sit under a bright lamp half the day or else I would bite someone’s head off.
Nowhere’s perfect, of course. I’m just sick of living in places where you HAVE to own an expensive luxury item in order to have a social life. I’m also sick of living in places where the greatest sense of community you can find is by going into a coffee-shop and getting on the internet. I’m an idealist, of course, but at least I know what I need to feel good about being alive.
Anyway, if you know of some idyllic dream place in which to live in that has not been completely Californicated, drop me a line. This particular Californian ain’t lookin to fuck up anywhere else with yuppyism, tract housing, and franchised homogeneity.
It’s pretty hard just to decide, out of all the endless possibilities, on some particular place to settle down in. I also feel like where I go to next just kind of needs to fall into place, and that’s what I’m hoping will happen soon, because I have no idea about where I’m going or what I’m doing, and I ain’t going to fret myself sick about it neither. I don’t like pretending that I have complete control over my life and what I’m doing. My direction is happenstance and driven by something greater than myself. I often feel that it is simply a matter of allowing that force to sweep me up in its divine wind, and not fighting it; maybe stepping over the edge of the cliff in order to allow it to work it’s ways. So, I’ll see where that takes me, anyway. And I’m sure I’ll get a little bit of say-so in the matter, but I don’t want to completely overrule chance, as chance (or a necessary happenstance) is what has given me the best things in my life.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

3 thoughts on “In Portland”

  1. go for it, u will be more than welcome to crash at mine while looking for residence, u missed the love parade last weekend, and guess what …..i remember the whole thing!!!!!! check my photos on my facebook, see if you can see the difference in my facial expression after a certain point and put your answers on a postcard to let know me know what may have caused this!!!!

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