I’m just stewing, brewing, queuing emotions for eventual release in a slowly controlled manner. Generally, it’s good to maintain a pressurized calm, a calm ready for action, a seemingly sleeping serpent coiled to strike at any moment. My greatest opponent is my own complacent self, lulled to inattention by the lullaby of comfortability, security, and inertia. Just as my own society binds itself in blinded clingings to status quo and good-for-business mentalities. We must always be ready to fight to the death, because at every moment we are potentially bombarded with lies and deceit designed to steal away our integrity and life force. All it takes is a few moments of indifference to achieve this loss, and suddenly we may have found our souls signed away to pettiness and superficiality. What we can allow ourselves to see may be the only things that can save us, in the end. What we can allow ourselves to feel, in the fullest of concentration. Listening to the dense noise within ourselves, allowing it to speak.  Allowing this thing to grow into vision. Allowing ourselves to be, glistening, ready, beautiful.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

2 thoughts on “Streaming”

  1. if only we could be always so alert, like a cat. How difficult it is to maintain clarity of mind. But you are right complacency, rather than speaking out or making a considered choice, is an act and has consequences.

  2. “but I tell you – and you may mark my words – you will come some day to a craggy pass of the channed, where the whole of life’s stream will be broken up into whirl and tumult, foam and noise: either you will be dashed to atoms on crag points, or lifterd up and borne on by some master wave into a calmer current

    Mr. Rochester speaking to Jane Eyre

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