Good Reads

There’s a great website that my friend just introduced me to: it’s called and it allows you to catalog all the books that you’ve read and that you are currently reading, as well as to keep tabs on other books that people are reading. I’ve always wished that I had kept a list of all the books that I had read as a young lad; I used to read voraciously, and unfortunately, I can’t remember most of what I’ve read, due to my recalcitrant memory. So I’ve been attempting to begin cataloging whatever books I can remember I’ve read on this site, and what’s also great about it is that you can just look through other people’s lists, and then remember “oh yeah, I read that one!”

Anyway, so check it out, and if you want to become my book sharing friend, my link is:


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

4 thoughts on “Good Reads”

  1. there are actually a lot more sites similar to this around the internet, such as reader2, shelfari, gurulib, allconsuming, delicious library, and bookpedia. personally, i like librarything’s layout and user-friendliness. the down part is we only get to catalog 200 books for free and the rest have to be paid a lifetime fee, but the features and the community in librarything are the best.

  2. Interesting. I’m always somewhat behind on new fangled web tools. I admit that’s format can be a little bit of a hassle sometimes—unfortunately, I’ve already invested some time in it already, so I wouldn’t want to go start another somewhere else.
    Know any similar sites for music?

  3. sadly, i’m more of a bookworm than a music lover. ;) but if i’m not wrong, gurulib and allconsuming allows you to add your music / dvd collection along with your books. you should check librarything out – it might be a hassle to start over, but it’s really good. it’s the wordpress of book catalogues sites! :)

  4. Hmm, it’s just that one little money thing that’s the catch. I know, it’s also very cheap . . .but when I’m already on a site that’s free. . . but I checked the site out and it does look very well designed. In any case, if I ever do make the transition to it, I will at least have a good catalog of what I’ve read already. The only way I can remember I’ve read a book, apparently, is by seeing it again.

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