Music List

I’m an avid music listener and lover, and I thought it might be an interesting exercise to look back over my music listenin career and pick out albums that have influenced and moved me the most in my youth. The following list is broken down by genre, in no order of precedence, and by no means inclusive. What are some of your favorite formative music listening experiences?


Counting Crows: August and Everything After
Radiohead: OK Computer
Bjork: Vespertine
The Smashing Pumpkins: Pisces Iscariot
Ani Difranco: Living In Clip
Tori Amos: Boys for Pele
David Gray: A Century Ends
Paul Simon: Graceland


The Orb: Orbus Terrarum
Aphex Twin: Richard D. James
Future Sound of London: ISDN
Underworld: 2nd Toughest In The Infants
Talvin Singh: OK
Deep Forest: Deep Forest


Miles Davis: Live-Evil
John McLaughlin: The Heart of Things
Keith Jarrett: Vienna Concert
Terje Rypdal: Skywards
Cassandra Wilson: Blue Light Til Dawn
Mahavishnu Orchestra: Inner Mounting Flame


Hieroglyphics: 3rd Eye Vision
Talib Kweli/Mos Def: Blackstar
Eligh: Sidewaysdaze
Pep Love: Ascension
Dead Prez: Let’s Get Free
Common: Like Water for Chocolate


Sade: Best of
Erykah Badu: Baduizm
Lauryn Hill: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Jill Scott: Beautifully Human
D’Angelo: Voodoo
Anthony Hamilton: Comin’ from Where I’m From


Cheikh Lo: Ne La Thiass
Sizzla: Black Woman and Child
Trilok Gurtu: The Beat of Love
Jan Garbarek/Anouar Brahem/Ustad Shaukat Hussein: Madar
Den Fule: Quake


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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