Homemade Non-toxic Glass Cleaner with Hydrogen Peroxide

I’m proud to say, after some experimentation with different formulas, that I’ve developed a no-streak household non-toxic glass cleaner. The one I had been using prior, which is all over the internet, was a vinegar/water combination with a little bit of cornstarch thrown in. This worked just fine for me, but apparently most people are just too lazy to use the arm muscle to rub all of it in so that it doesn’t streak. So I set myself the task of developing a non-streaking glass cleaner, with the most minimal input of materials possible. One formula I tried was with rubbing alcohol, and this one worked exceedingly well, but I had 2 problems with it: 1) it smells like rubbing alcohol!, and 2) the ratio of isopropyl alcohol to water just seemed too high to me to make it cost effective on an institutional level in comparison to my original formula.

The second formula I tried, and this one was my own concoction, was with hydrogen peroxide and water, with a pinch of Dr. Bronners liquid castile soap thrown in. This worked well, and it smelled pleasant as well, so I fiddled around with it to see how little hydrogen peroxide I could get away with putting in there and have it still be effective.

The resulting formula is as follows:

2 cups hydrogen peroxide (normal over-the-counter 3% stuff)

1-2 drops of Dr Bronner’s liquid castile soap

1 gallon of water

Modify according to your dispensing system, of course. If you are putting directly into a spray bottle, that would be an 8-to-1 ratio.

It sprays a lot of liquid onto the mirror or glass at first appearance, but even if you don’t rub it all in, it all evaporates without any streaking in the test trials that I have done so far.

The formula may require some tweaking; I’m going to perform some more tests on it before switching over all my 55+ glass cleaning spray bottles.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

19 thoughts on “Homemade Non-toxic Glass Cleaner with Hydrogen Peroxide”

    1. I was at a hotel with lots of glass in the bathroom. All the glass just shone. And, there were no streaks. I asked a housekeeper how they did it..She said the secret was peroxide.

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the feedback. You know, I originally put in the Bronner’s because I’d noticed that cleaners traditionally have some type of “surfactant.” I figured the drop or two of Bronner’s could act as that substance. But it may be that it is wholly unnecessary!

  2. I have a window on my home with a permanently mounted hurricane shutter on the outside of it. The shutter can open and close, but that’s it. It makes cleaning the outside of that window next to impossible. I’m looking for a product that you can spray on glass and rinse that will wash the window without physically touching it. Just spray and rinse and be spotfree. Do you think your recipe of H2O & Peroxide would work?



    1. Caleb,

      I don’t think it would, but it’s worth a shot, since at the very least it won’t streak!

      I had a thought. You know how when you put baking soda down a drain and then pour some vinegar on it, it bubbles up and eats away at the residue? I’m wondering if you can find some way to harness that on your window. It might be difficult to do, but you could try spraying a baking soda mix with a little water on the window first, then spraying straight vinegar onto it and letting it sit for a few minutes, then rinsing thoroughly.

      Let me know if you find a method that works, I’d be interested in knowing!

  3. It works like a charm!!! I didn’t have any castile soap, so I used a few drops of dishwashing liquid.
    my mirrors are sparking and no muscle required. Thanks!!

  4. I love love love this recipe, I discovered Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning mirrors by accident a few months ago (grabbed the wrong spray bottle) and have been using it straight for all my clients, but now that I know I can cut it with water and it still works I’m even more impressed. Why doesn’t everyone know this? I’ve owned a “green” cleaning company for several years now (got tired of giving out cleaning advise for free and I needed a job) and I am always amazed at the lack of knowledge when it comes to cleaning. Perfectly intelligent people who would never fall for an advertising line about anything else suddenly believe everything a TV commercial says about cleaning products. On the other hand if my clients knew how easy and inexpensively they could do this I wouldn’t have a job again. Thanks for your great tips and recipes.

    1. Awesome, thanks Patti! My theory is that corporate advertising has trained us so effectively to be diligent consumers that it just doesn’t even seem possible that something so cheap and non-toxic as hydrogen peroxide or vinegar or baking soda could be sufficient for cleaning purposes. But hey — for those of us in the know, it saves us money, and it gives you a niche market!

      BTW, I put all my limited know-how regarding non-toxic cleaners together in one document at this link on Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1ADrs3vJ9pV9XDLdJ5kwNDP-cGyYTYoTdCFUv7uvpJbc

      Feel free to share/remix/update/revise/steal!


  5. awesome! 31 years of trying to get clean windows! So i quit. I have a lot of windows to get to that I won’t admit how long it has been but I am motivated now because it won’t be futile. I have tried other homemades but they never worked. Have you ever heard of putting some kind of tabs in( I think alka seltzer) to make windows sparkle/

    1. Terry, thanks for commenting. I have not heard of using alka seltzer or something similar for cleaning windows, though that method does work well with toilets.

  6. I just thought you’d like to know that this is now my favorite go to cleaner/polisher. My company uses it on all glass, stainless, chrome, mirrored, shiny surfaces. We use it for a final wipe down on bathroom surfaces too, I think it helps prevent soap scum buildup, I can’t prove it, but it seems to work. I’ve even used it to get lovebug gunk off the car (I did add a few more drops of Castile soap).

  7. Last week I was doing windows (inside and out). When I finished outside I needed a clean bucket of water so I put a few drops of Dawn dish soap and remembered there was something else to put in and couldn’t remember. I went for rubbing alcohol and accidentally put in Hydrogen Peroxide. I started at the top of my first window and had several rags ready, one to wash, one to dry, and one to buff. Well as I got to the bottom of the window I looked up and the windows were dry, spotless, and shiny! I kept looking like it was a ghost! I did, however, use a rag and buff it just to be on the safe side (Didn’t want an extra chore the next day.)

    Well I kept going. In fact, I’ve cleaned mirrors, glass framed pictures, glass decorations, etc. I told my mom and she thought I was crazy. I was so excited and thought WOW I invented something because my mom never heard of this? and she’s the Queen of Clean (unlike her daughter)! A friend came over and she couldn’t believe how clean my windows were. She said maybe you could come to my house and clean… NOT!

    So a few days later I decided to Google “using Hydrogen Peroxide for windows” and low and behold your Bubble pops up … talk about popping my little bubble…yes …I called my mom and told her I didn’t invent it but this dude even had a recipe for it so I gave it to her…your welcome. I hope I get over my disappoint soon. I thought I hit payday…

    1. Awesome! The beauty of these homemade cleaners is that none of us have a patent on em, so we’re all equally free to explore and enhance! Thank you for sharing your story, Debbie, and enjoy your nontoxic cleaning discovery

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