Of course we could discuss endlessly the notions of ideologies, systems, and expectations. But the only fundamental thing that could ever be changed in this world is your own perception. Is you allowing yourself to see beyond what you have been given. And there are really only two types of perceptions, when you pull everything out to the very big penultimate picture: there are negative perceptions, and there are positive perceptions. If you subscribe to negativity, as we all do at some point in our daily lives, then you tend to talk shit about your neighbors, your coworkers, the world. If you have faith in the positive, you believe that you have the ability to relate and talk to anyone.

It’s really quite unproductive to be negative. Ever. And I’m can be a largely negative person, so I know this first-hand. At any point in my day, if I allow myself to step into the steeped downward spiral of negative thought, on any matter, whether it is about myself, or about someone else, or about my environment, then it just drags everything else down. This isn’t to say that one should ignore or pretend away negative shit. Rather to say that in acknowledging negativity, one can still find something positive, constructive, and move onward from it.

I would go so far as to say that all of the problems in this world stem from negative perceptions. For example, one common negative perception in the U.S. is that poor people are poor because they are lazy and thus they deserve to be poor. This is such a harsh and superficial judgment, especially considering all those of us who break our backs working 9 to 5s just to break even. Yet it is a commonly held belief, reinforced especially by super-rich and powerful people who can influence the media and the political process.

Negativity creates divisions and boundaries where they do not exist. It creates us, and them. It creates good, and evil. It creates gossip, and hatred, and self-induced blindness.

Positivity is to embrace, to reach across distances and formulate understanding. It is to give people the benefit of the doubt, to give them the space to grow, the forum to be themselves. Every single person in this world has a context within which they are beautiful. Until you understand that context, you cannot understand that person, nor see them for what they are. You see fragments, you see pieces, and you string these together into some kind of definition which you use to put them into a box.

We put the world into boxes because it makes it easier for us to pretend that we know what we are, and what the world is. We look at these little boxes and we label them and we think that we have things figured out. We are children sitting on the floor of our bedrooms with pieces of a puzzle whose frame is in the night sky. We can’t ever know how it all fits together. We can’t ever see the big picture. All we can do is accept that the pieces which we have been given are a part of a whole of which we are also a part.

I don’t want to allow myself to become petty. I don’t want to pretend that I know what other people should be. I want to be positive. I want to forge connections, not distance. I want to understand, not separate. I want to truly fulfill my potential, rather than wasting away all of my life, all of the gifts that I have been given. If I cannot be positive, then what is the point in breathing?


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

3 thoughts on “Positivity”

  1. This is a truly wonderful post. A positive attitude will carry so so far in this world, while a negative attitude will only bring you down. It is all so true and when I say it fast it makes it sound so simple. Reality of life is it is very difficult to maintain a positive attitude at all times, I know. But I am working on it.
    I thank you for share this

  2. “If I cannot be positive, then what is the point in breathing?”

    –every human being should be able to see the importance of having a sound mind and keeping up positive energies; in the end it’s where we draw our strength and confidence.

  3. Hi Manderson,

    I am a believer that positivity begins with the individual, as I was taught by Jack Canfield through his book, The Success Principles. Every single person chooses to think the way they do…of course many external factors are at play but the simple act of deciding to better yourself and choosing to grow from past experiences and relationships is essential. We should each others to visualize… we can’t make a positive and fruitful future for ourselves if we cannot visualize it. Taking this approach into the we form is a powerful way to imagine the future.

    To end this post I will plug Jack Canfield’s book again: The Success Principles. It’s a great self-help manual that will help you point yourself in the direction of your dreams.

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