Vanity is in Holding Yourself Apart

I’ve been an elitist in the past, and I often still consider the majority of the populace to be stupid. But my fundamental belief is that within every living entity there is the potential—most often unrealized—of beauty and power, of divinity. We attempt to express this inner potential in a variety of ways, and we often fail to do much more than fumble ourselves blindly into misunderstood gestures. But given the right environment, given a certain amount of respect and love and leeway, we bloom inner light into the world like flowers.

It bothers me when I go out dancing, and most people are standing along the sidelines, just watching, as if they are waiting for some perfect place, some perfect person, some perfect music, some perfect substance to open them up and make them free to dance. All these factors are important, of course, to having a good time. But it’s never going to be perfect. Sometimes you just have to go out onto the dance floor and enjoy yourself even if there’s no hot chicks there, even if the music is just the typical top 40 songs from the last 10 years, even if the drinks are too expensive and watered down. All that we need is simple: a steady beat and a few simple melodic hooks. Your ass can shake in a variety of ways that won’t be defined by the music. Your hips can move in a variety of ways that don’t have to be uninhibited by alcohol. You know what I’m sayin? Your degree of openness and freedom and creativity are ultimately only determined by yourself.

Again, continuing with the metaphor of the dance floor, all it takes is one person letting themselves loose to get the party started. Then others begin to respond to the call of your challenge. And soon its just one big fiesta competition.

All the limitations that can be found in society can be found in yourself. If you are too good, if you are better than everyone else, if you are better looking, got more money, got bigger cars, got a bigger ego, than all you do is perpetuate the walls that make you petty. If you are not good enough, not pretty enough, not talented enough, too insecure, than all you do is perpetuate the walls that make you needy. Everyone else is held back because you are held back. All the world is bad because you are bad. All the world is vain and petty and desirous and hungry because you are holding yourself apart from it, because you are holding your divinity apart, because you are separating yourself from something that cannot be divided.

You are god, and if you can’t realize that, then who else will? And if no one else will, then how can you realize it? It takes humility. It takes confidence. It takes getting beyond yourself in order to know yourself in order to share yourself.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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