Evacuation Nation

Now it’s official; we are evacuees from the fire. Yesterday and this morning had instilled a sense of false comfort in us, and we even had just walked over to the supermarket and meat market to stock up our refrigerator. Then the wind suddenly picked up, and all hell broke loose. People were driving frantically from their houses down the street. The fire leaped across the highway and into the adjoining Tahoe Keys area. We held out for a while, knowing that the fire was still a few blocks away (I have a radio from out where I work and could hear the fire dispatches). The sky again turned into a deep hue of orange and ashes fell like dirty snow. Neighbors were, in a touching act of desperation, watering the lawns in front of our apartment complex. Our landlord went from door to door and told us that it was time to leave. We grabbed some of the yogurts that we had just bought and fruit and bread, and I grabbed my six-pack of beers and the excellent bottle of mezcal that my girlfriend had bought me in Mexico.

What is also worrying me, aside from losing the wonderful new apartment that we had just moved into (ironically enough to get away from cigarette smoke; now we’re sucking down ash and fumes from burning trees and buildings), the fire seems also poised to move into the Fallen Leaf Lake region. So great, I could also lose my employment.

In any case, after already having gone through thinking that my place had burned down, I’m a little bit more relaxed now. I know that all I can do at this time is just to wait patiently to see what occurs. Thanks, by the way, for the concern expressed by some of you, I’m perfectly fine and in no danger, other than being slightly dizzy and nauseated from breathing in smoke and ash for the last few days.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

5 thoughts on “Evacuation Nation”

  1. Although I might add that the mezcal you’re linked to, Del Maguey, is also quite excellent as well. I’ve had a bottle of Del Maguey (I believe it was the Santo Domingo) once long ago, and someday I hope again to get a hold of a bottle.

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